The Power of Neuroplasticity

By Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

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The latest in neuroscience, consciousness, and personal success, from a pioneering authority in personal growth.

A leading international authority in the field of neuroplasticity and personal growth, Dr. Shad Helmstetter presents an eye-opening and overarching answer to the reader's search for both success and meaning,

In "The Power of Neuroplasticity," his latest and most paradigm-changing book ever, Dr. Helmstetter brings neuroscience, consciousness, and personal growth together, and presents the scientific research that proves the human brain is designed to be physically rewired—throughout our lifetimes—based on the messages we give ourselves and receive from the world around us. "The Power of Neuroplasticity" presents the breakthrough scientific discovery that the thoughts you think, physically rewire your brain and change your life. As Dr. Helmstetter shows, "success" is neurological.

Until recently, a lot of what we thought we knew about the brain was wrong. Now, all of that has changed. In The Power of Neuroplasticity, you'll learn that:

  • Because of neuroplasticity, your brain never stops growing. It continues to grow new neurons and changes throughout your lifetime.
  • Your income, your weight, your health, your success in relationships, how happy you are, and your overall success in life, is based on neuroplasticity, and is physically wired into your brain.
  • Every thought you think, rewires your brain and potentially changes your life.
  • Your IQ is not set, and you may be more intelligent than you think you are.
  • Your DNA does not control who you are—your DNA switches are literally turned on and off by the thoughts you think.
  • No one is truly born Republican or Democrat, destined to be rich or poor, or one religion or another. Every belief, opinion, and truth or untruth we hold, is the result of the programs we received and physically wired into the neural pathways we created in our brains.
  • Though they were often thought to be nothing more than wishful thinkers, neuroscience has now shown that the authors of books on "positive thinking" were right all along—success is physically wired into the brain by the way we think.
  • Because of neuroplasticity, people who think "positively" have more neurons in a key area of their brain, than people who think "negatively." The change in their neurons changes their lives.
  • Through our "mirror neuron" system, we unconsciously imprint and wire our own brain with copies of the neural programs of the people we spend time with most.
  • We are consciously aware of only one tenth of the choices we make each day. The rest of our choices are made by unconscious neural circuits that have been wired into our brain.
  • Simple meditation can actually change your body chemistry, grow new neurons, and physically wire positive new circuits into your brain.
  • People who practice "mindfulness"—are able to change their mental wiring at will.
  • We are neurologically wired to succeed or fail. We've now learned from neuroscience that we can rewire our circuits and change our programs.

"The Power of Neuroplasticity" shows us how we become the way we are, the role our own thoughts and programs play in that process, and how to rewire and change the things about us we'd like to change. Along with a treasure chest of state-of-the-art information on the brain and how to make it work for you, The Power of Neuroplasticit includes:

— The key steps for wiring new programs, based on the latest research from the field of neuroscience.

— How to create the attitudes that will change your days to the positive, and how to hardwire them into your brain.

— How to change your self-talk forever, so you'll always wire your brain with the right neural programs and directions—instead of the programs that have been working against you or holding you back.

— How to plan and conduct you own personal transformational retreat—and regroup, set new goals, and begin rewiring yourself to reach them.

— How to get started rewiring your brain with positive new circuits by practicing meditation techniques that are outlined for you with step-by-step instructions.

— Special hobbies and activities you can start immediately that will add neurons to your brain, and may add years to your life.

— A 31-Day "mindfulness" program to help you make mindfulness a positive way of life for the rest of your life.

The Power of Neuroplasticity

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