Attend the Shad Helmstetter Transformational Retreat

Beautiful Pensacola Beach, FL, Nov 14, 15, 16

Over three incredible days…

  • You’ll experience three days dedicated to you and your unlimited future.
  • You’ll be personally guided through your exciting personal transformational journey, step by step, by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.
  • You’ll have time to relax and attend a get acquainted reception under the stars.
  • You’ll dine on the beach as a personal guest of Dr. Helmstetter.
  • You’ll return home with your completed life review, a vision journal, and a detailed written plan of the action steps to follow.


  • The retreat is strictly limited to 15 individuals or couples (Register early!).
  • You’ll Save $1000 NOW with early registration.
  • There is an additional discount for couples.

When was the last time someone focused on you your life and your future — for an entire day, or an entire weekend?

tr2Imagine relaxing in a beautiful setting with endless sea and sky, and unlimited possibilities in front of you.

In the Transformational Retreat you’ll journey from your past to your present, and into the new vision of your unlimited future — and you’ll be personally guided by Dr. Helmstetter.

What you’ll experience:


  • On Friday evening you’ll get to know the other attendees as you attend a transformational retreat Reception Under the Stars. On Saturday night, you’ll be a personal guest at dinner on the beach with Dr. Helmstetter.
  • During the Transformational Retreat, Shad will guide you on your own personal path of discovery — from the first steps you took in your past, through the present, and into the promise of your unlimited future.  In a safe, positive environment, you’ll regroup, find your focus, set your direction, redefine your goals, write your action plan, and take your first new steps into your tomorrow.
  • Attendees will experience an extended weekend filled with possibilities, without criticism or negative responses of any kind.  Everyone will be there, in an incredibly supportive environment, finding their promise and potential, and a clear path to achieving it.
  • A highlight of the Transformational Retreat will be the “Vision of Your Future,” personal time on the beach with Dr. Helmstetter. During this time, all attendees will begin taking their next steps toward their own, positive tomorrows.
  • You’ll return home with your personal “life review” and “vision journal”—a complete picture of your past and present, and a new focus on your future—with a detailed written plan of action to follow.

Register early. Attendance is strictly limited.

Because of the personal time focused on each attendee, attendance at the retreat is limited to just 15 individuals or couples.

Save $1000 and ensure your place with early registration.

Register now.

The Shad Helmstetter Transformational Retreat
Pensacola Beach, FL
November 14, 15, 16, 2014

Reduced fee for early registration:
Individual fee if registered prior to September 15th — $1995   (Save $1000)
Couple’s fee if registered prior to September 15th — $2995   (Save $1000)

Regular individual registration (after 9/15) — $2995
Regular fee for couples attending together (after 9/15) — $3995

NOTE: Advance registrations must be received prior to September 15, 2014.
Attendance is strictly limited to 15 individuals or couples.
Attendees will be accepted in order of registration date.

To register:

Individual — Early registration — $1995.00   [CLICK HERE]
Couple attending together — Early registration — $2995.00   [CLICK HERE]

Payment may be made through PayPal or your credit card.
PayPal “Time Pay” is available on all registrations.





Retreat hotel location information will be emailed to registrants.  Attendees are responsible for personal hotel accommodations. The reception on Friday and the hosted dinner on Saturday are included in the registration.

Questions? Need more information? 
Call (315) 380-2190