The Shad Helmstetter Transformational Retreat is the crown jewel of Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s in-person special events. This is the most powerful one-on-one program Shad has presented in over forty years of impacting people’s lives in a profound and positive way.

Imagine having Dr. Shad Helmstetter, one of the world’s foremost thought-leaders,take you on a personal journey from your birth, to your present, and into your future, leading you to the doorway of your greatest tomorrow. In this very personal retreat, Dr. Shad Helmstetter guides you every step of the way, helping you create a clear roadmap to your own unlimited future. Only a select few individuals will be admitted to attend. Register now to make sure you have a place.

Attend this amazing retreat at home.

Now, for the first time, this special life-changing experience is available to attendees as a live, at-home video event. There will be personal, live interaction between Dr. Helmstetter and each attendee, just like at the in-person events.

Current members of attend this $495 program FREE––as guests of Dr. Helmstetter. is the amazing online membership site that offers unlimited streaming of all self-talk audio programs direct to your smartphone, tablet, and all listening devices. As a member of you are invited to attend the Transformational Retreat at no charge.




Cost: FREE for members of

Attendees who are members of SelfTalkPlus attend this $495 event completely free as guests of Dr. Helmstetter.


Cost: General admission – $495
You get all of the benefits of the in-person event, but you save over $2500 when you attend the Transformational Retreat in the live internet video format. (The regular fee for the in-person event is $2850 plus hotel accommodations and travel.)

To Register:

Special FREE registration for current
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General admission
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If you are not currently a member of, (and do not wish to become a member), you may register for the Transformational Retreat for $495. To register, Click Here.

Attendance is strictly limited. Register today.

This is Dr. Helmstetter’s most important event of the year, and with the offer for members to attend free, this event will fill up fast. To make sure you have a place, register now.